Moldings are a necessary evil. They are an essential piece of a complete and professional job and because of that can cause costly delays. Matching moldings that are “close enough” may get complete the job but often leave the entire project looking a bit off.

Prime Supply is proud to supply supporting moldings for all of our products. Our moldings are produced in our flooring mills to ensure consistent color and finish.

Moldings can ship directly with your container orders and are back stocked in one of our three state side support warehouses.

We offer stairnose, reducers, carpet reducers, t-molds, and base shoe. We also have an amazing state side partner that will match any of our products in not only traditional molding profiles but also vents, treads, and risers. These usually ship within two weeks.

We believe the best way to get high quality, consistent moldings is direct from the source. Please contact Prime Supply for any of you molding, tread, riser, and vents needs and we will make sure you are covered.

Wood Flooring Moldings